Wednesday Enote

October 7, 2015 — Leave a comment


Happy Wednesday Everyone:

Allow me to start this Enote with a question for you:  Would a good God ever ask one of his sons or daughters to sign up for a mission that’s going to create a huge amount of trouble and heartbreak in their own lives? I’ll let you decide the answer to that question tonight as we look at a prophet in the Old Testament who is kind of a hero to me: Jeremiah.

Jeremiah, in my opinion, is an ideal beginning point to our new UPLIFT series beginning tonight.  This series is called:  Fascinating Stories from the Bible’s Hall of Fame and Shame.

Jeremiah’s motto was pretty simple:  I will get up. I will suit up. I will show up.  I will do the next right thing. And I will trust God with the results.

Jeremiah had a lonely job.  For more than 40 years, he cried out for the repentance of God’s people when that was the absolute last message they wanted to hear.  God gave Jeremiah a formidable and unpopular assignment that many of weaker character would have jettisoned at the first signs of difficulty.  But God’s assignment to him was a “fire in his bones” that eventually, but not quickly, produced “mercies that are new every morning.”

I hope to see you tonight as we are all inspired by the fascinating story of Jeremiah.  We will even be inspired, through video, by a modern day hero who was born without arms and legs, and yet makes an incredible difference for Jesus Christ through his tenacious joy and purposeful life.  His name?  Nick Vujicic.  And you gotta see him to believe him.

Before signing off, let me congratulate our own Ginger Hudson who was honored at last night’s Lifeline Chaplaincy Benefit Dinner with their annual Pastoral Care Volunteer Award.  Ginger serves in the medical center every week as the presence of Christ to many through Lifeline Chaplaincy.  And if you didn’t know, our own Dr. Virgil Fry is the founder and Executive Leader of that ministry.  Also, through your tithes and offerings, you are the largest church supporter of that fantastic and needed ministry to the many who come to our medical center from around the globe.

Ginger joins our Terry Aven as two of the most valued pastoral volunteers in the Lifeline Chaplaincy medical center ministry.  Honor to whom honor is due, says the Scriptures.

Hope to see many of you tonight as we have a full slate of Wednesday offerings in addition to our UPLIFT service in the East Room.  Have a blessed week as you serve our great God and King.  The Lord is good and His love endures forever!

Blessings, Ronnie

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