My Wednesday Church Enote

February 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

Hello Everyone:

I have three brief but important items for you on this chilly Wednesday.

First, I encourage you to read here the inspiring story of our own Alyssa Ferguson and her make-a-wish request. Alyssa is an amazing young woman of God whose spirit will encourage yours.

Second, mark your calendars for our upcoming Missions Dinner, La Posada En Honduras, scheduled for Saturday, March 21 from 5:30-8:30pm. This will benefit both youth and adult short-term mission trips this year. It will be an evening of food, entertainment and a fun auction. Can’t make it? No problem, you can still support the cause by making a donation!

Third, in tonight’s UPLIFT service we will conclude our three-week series on the parable of the prodigal son by asking, What Shall We Do with Failure? The story of the prodigal son is a story about how one young man got free from his past failures and found a glorious new future with the help and mercy of God.

All of us who are honest with ourselves know we have failures in our lives. Some are bigger than others, but all of them must be properly dealt with in order for us to be free to live a healthy life before the Lord.

Not only must we learn to grow through our own failures, but we must also learn in some way to deal with the spiritual failure of others, particularly those very close to us. The father in this story was a very good parent, and yet he had two sons who at one time were resistant to their father’s dreams for them. That is the risk and pain of parenting. That is the risk and pain of loving and caring for another person.

I hope to see you tonight at 7:00pm.

The robe, the shoes, the ring,
They are all for me, an unworthy son,
But the greatest of these, the most wonderful thing,
My father ran to meet me, I SAW GOD RUN!


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