Decisions, Decisions

October 1, 2014 — Leave a comment


Happy Wednesday Everyone,

The one thing we all have in common is the inescapable reality that we’ve made our fair share of regrettable decisions. We’ve made some stellar ones as well. Making sound decisions is a skill set that can be developed like any other.

Some decisions are simple and flow from personal taste & intuition (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry). These decisions are typically fast, automatic, effortless, and implicit. But important decisions require, not just data, but a decision-making process that helps to decontaminate our decisions. Important decisions require reasoning that is slower, conscious, effortful, explicit, and logical.

The hyper-pragmatist might say, “just give me the data and the answer becomes clear.” Really? Analyzing data is important but, as Einstein said, “not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted counts.”

The hyper-spiritualist might say, “just let go and let God.” Really? I do believe that inquiring of the Lord is a key step in the decision making process but I also believe that God gives us the capacity to be involved in that process. It’s a both/and world when it comes to decision making, calling for both the practical and the prayerful.

In tonight’s UPLIFT service, we’re kicking off a new series called, “Need to Know Basis.” It’s said that adults often seek knowledge on a particular topic when “they need to know.” Over the next few weeks, we’ll tackle several topics that I think you’ll find helpful. Tonight’s message is, “I Need to Know How to Make Wise Decisions.”

Hope to see you in the East Room at 7pm.

Don’t forget … Magi Boxes will be available tonight near the Rotunda. All boxes need to be returned by this Sunday. Thanks for your incredible response for this ministry that helps so many children in Honduras.

Also, if you’d like to volunteer for the Pumpkin Patch Party outreach event on October 24, go to and click the “learn more” button to find your volunteer form. Gonna be fun.

— Ronnie

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