My Church Enote This Weekend

August 23, 2014 — 1 Comment


Hello Everyone:

Hope you are staying somewhat cool during these hot days of summer. I have six brief items to highlight.

First, we return to our journey through The Story this week as we begin walking through the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus is the centerpiece of history and He continues to knock at the doors of our hearts. This Sunday we are in chapter 22 of The Story and it may feel a little like “Christmas in August” because of the message and theme. What a great time to invite someone to join you for church.

Second, this Sunday we will be praying over our students, teachers, administrators and homeschooling parents. Cornerstone Christian Academy is completing their first full week of school today and next Monday is the first day of school for many others. Bottom line: our students are being shaped for the future and many of you are involved in that educational process. You have our prayers, respect and support.

Third, our Worship Arts Ministry (WAM) will host another reception in our lobby this Sunday after both services. Stop by and see how you can serve in this ministry. We need artists, techies and others to make this vital ministry function in an optimal way.

Fourth, because our parking lot can get pretty crowded at certain times I’m encouraging many of you to consider our excellent shuttle service that runs from 8:10am to 12:30pm from the Memorial Hermann Surgical Center (across from Garden Ridge). Everybody wins, especially those visiting for the first few times, when ample parking is available.

Fifth, be sure to pay attention to the church emails and our Sunday Orders of Worship because you will find plenty of opportunities for GATHERing, GROWing and GOing. Particularly noteworthy are our upcoming Financial Peace and Remaining in Love seminars as well as four Hearts and Hammers service options.

Sixth, would you continue to pray for our church family and here are some suggestions: pray that we will continue to grow in faith, hope and love; pray that we will see and seize open doors of opportunity; and pray that God will be honored in all that we say and do.

You are a force for good and I’m honored to serve with you,


One response to My Church Enote This Weekend


    Ronnie, you are an excellent example of the type leadership that is desperately needed in churches today. The leaders are there, they just need to be empowered. Thank you for your service!

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