Know It All

July 9, 2014 — 2 Comments


Hello Everyone:

I hope your Wednesday is going well.

A.J. Jacobs is a magazine editor who, in his mid-thirties, decided to read every page of the Encyclopedia Britannica. That’s 32 volumes, 33,000 pages, and 44 million words. For one year and fifty-five days he read 100 pages per day.

His accomplishment led to an appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Unfortunately, all of his studying didn’t help. Jacobs missed the $32,000 question that called for a definition of erythrocyte. Even though he had read every word of the “E” volume, he couldn’t remember it means red blood cell. He walked away with $1,000 and ended up writing a book about his experience called, The Know-It-All.

None of us is a true know-it-all and hopefully we are aware of that reality. But our great God does know all things past, present and future. He doesn’t use that knowledge selfishly, but lovingly. He’s also more than willing to share His wisdom with us if we are willing to seek it and embrace it.

In tonight’s UPLIFT service, I will be sharing a message called “Knowing the God Who Knows All.” You might think that having someone know all about you, good, bad & ugly, would be rather disconcerting and intimidating. But there are few truths as liberating as the awareness that someone knows the full truth about you and still says, “I love you and there is a royal place setting for you at my table.”

I hope to see you tonight in our UPLIFT service. In two weeks, beginning July 23, I will start a new UPLIFT series called O2B Free: “Recovering Legalists.”

All God’s Best to You,


2 responses to Know It All


    Ronnie, I would appreciate you and Martha’s prayers. I have been going through testing for the past two months to donate a kidney to one of my son’s best friends. You know one of those kids that could almost be yours because they spend so much time with your family. Well anyway, we got down to the last batch of tests two weeks ago and they found a very small …1.7 cm cancer on my right kidney. It showed up on my CT scan. I am having surgery at St. Thomas hospital tomorrow morning to remove it. They are very positive that I wont loose my kidney and that the surgery is all the treatment I will need since we found it so early and so small. I can’t tell you how humbled I am by God’s abundance of grace and mercy during all this. He has had his mighty hand on me the entire journey. I feel sorry for the young man who still needs a kidney but so incredibly thankful for God allowing me to get so far into the testing that they found it. God is still holding me so tight right now that all I can do is smile, and try to breathe. 🙂 God bless you two. Love, Kathy


    Kathy: I’m sorry you’re having surgery tomorrow but grateful for the care. Thank-you for letting us know. Please know of our prayers over you today. God bless. — Ronnie

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