My Friday Church Enote

May 23, 2014 — Leave a comment


Photo from last Sunday’s Senior Celebration at FCCC

Hello Everyone:

I sure hope you have a most enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I have four brief items to mention in this enote.

First, I’m in town this weekend and if you are as well I hope to see you this Sunday as we continue our journey through The Story. This Sunday we are in chapter 14 – A Kingdom Torn in Two. Two guys who sound like twins, but they’re not (Jeroboam and Rehoboam) are the main human players in this Sunday’s message. Neither are worthy of imitation, although it may surprise you that of all the kings in Israel and Judah combined, Jeroboam is the fifth most mentioned king (after David, Solomon, Saul, and Hezekiah) but not for noble reasons.

The good news is that God’s good plans, His Upper Story, moves right along and cannot be thwarted, not even by bad kings. And today, God is still working His plan to restore broken people like us into a relationship with Him.

Second, this weekend is such an important weekend because of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is more than the start of summer. It is a chance to pause and remember the sacrifices of those in our armed forces who have given their lives in our nation’s service. Inscribed on the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC, are the words “Freedom Is Not Free.” There are some gifts you receive that you can never repay – all you can do is express gratitude.

Third, our special guest speaker this year on Fathers Day is Donovan Campbell. Donovan is a former marine captain, a NY Times best-selling author and a business leader. One of our elders, Matt Davis, heard Donovan last year and suggested Donovan as a perfect guest for Fathers Day on June 15. I’m so glad we could get this worked out.

Fourth, over sixty of us (64 to be exact) are headed to Israel in a couple of weeks and I would love for you to follow me along on Instagram. I’m not a prolific Instagram poster by any means, but I plan to really ramp it up during this upcoming Israel and Greece trip. My insta-name is pretty cryptic: ronnienorman.

Have a great weekend,


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