Best/Worst Practices

April 2, 2014 — Leave a comment
 Theatre in Ephesus

Theatre in Ephesus

Hello Everyone:

All of you are familiar with the business buzzword of “best practices.” It’s a term that describes healthy benchmarks or methods that multiple organizations can use.

Tonight in our UPLIFT service, we will start a new series called Best/Worst Practices: Se7en Churches of Revelation as we walk through a fascinating section of Scripture in Revelation chapters two and three. It’s a section of Scripture where Jesus evaluates seven specific churches and gives his secret shopper report. Two of the seven churches receive only glowing reports. One of the seven gets a failing grade. Most receive both compliments and concerns. It’s designed to show all churches for all times what Jesus wants for His church and it gets real personal and real practical.

How would you evaluate a church? What’s your criteria? Would your criteria match up with the Jesus scorecard? How do churches today measure up? How does the First Colony Church of Christ measure up? What are our compliments and concerns? This message series isn’t a walk through history. It’s a look at the benchmarks set by Jesus for His church and they are as applicable today as when they were first given.

Tonight we start with the secret shopper report on Ephesus from Revelation 2:1-7. It was a pretty strong church but unfortunately they had become known more for what they were against than for what they were for. We will see their story and how it fits us, and other churches, tonight at 7:00 in the East Room.



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