Thursday Church Enote – Four Important Matters

February 13, 2014 — Leave a comment


Hello Everyone:

I have four important items to share with you today.  These four items involve THE STORY, new member orientation, Matthew West, and my wonderful sister Gail.

First, we are in chapter two of THE STORY this week so be sure to read in advance that chapter (God Builds a Nation, pages 13-27) so you can receive maximum benefit from this Sunday’s message.  We had an excellent kick-off to our STORY journey last week and I’m pumped about this experience for us all.

Second, Shane Gage and I are looking forward to seeing many of you in our New Member Orientation this Sunday at 9:45 in Room F100.  It’s a “no strings attached” and yet a very open type of meeting.  We explain who we are as a church.  We clarify our values, our mission and our vision for what we believe God wants to do in our lives.  Also, we welcome conversation and questions from you.  I hope to see many of you there.  Expect donuts.

Third, Christian musician Matthew West will be in concert right here in our place on Sunday night, March 23.  What a fabulous opportunity this is and hundreds of tickets have already been sold. Get your tickets quickly on our website at  Matthew West is a best-selling Christian artist and he holds the record (in 2013) for the longest number one record in Billboard Christian Music history.  Our own Steve Roberts is producing this show and anything Steve does is top notch.  It will be a grand evening together.  I’ve already purchased my tickets.

Fourth, I ask for your prayers over my family as we celebrate the life and Christian faith of my sister Gail Friday afternoon in Tennessee.  She died this past Tuesday morning after a five-year struggle with vascular dementia, which affected her at a relatively young age. Gail was vibrant, creative, joyful and articulate. I miss her.

Our great God has so many good things in store for us all that’s it is hard to even imagine.  His team wins and wins big.  Don’t ever forget that.

All God’s Very Best to You,


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