Super Sunday Reflections and THE STORY

February 3, 2014 — 2 Comments


Good Afternoon Everyone:

I don’t usually send a Monday enote but I have two important items to share with you this afternoon.  First, I’ll give a brief report regarding BAFD and then I want to highlight our upcoming journey through THE STORY.

First, thank you for your response to yesterday’s Super Sunday Bring A Friend Day.  We had an absolutely fantastic day together and actually had our largest gathering in the history of our church.  Bret Gowens reports that we had over 2600 in total attendance.  Of course, the equally important work of follow-up has already started.

Alan Robertson, who did an incredible job as our BAFD speaker, sent me an email this morning.  He said, among other things, that although their flight home was delayed a bit they made it back in time to watch the game over at Jase’s house.  Alan and his gracious wife Lisa loved being here with us all.  Here’s part of his email:  “I love the spirit of your church and the people we interacted with. What a blessing! Please pass along our well wishes to your folks down there. It was a great experience for us!”

Also, I hope you will pat your church staff on the back because they are invaluable to our BAFD efforts.  I sent an email to all of our staff last night and here’s part of it:  “I can’t say enough good about all the stellar work you invested in this year’s Super Sunday Bring A Friend Day.  From prep work, creative planning, to execution you performed your duties with excellence and spiritual warmth.  Big jobs were done and small details were not overlooked. Thank you. You came early and stayed late.  You prayed hard.  We had a fun, good day for the greatest cause on earth.” 

The second item that I want to spotlight is that we begin our journey through THE STORY this Sunday, Feb. 9 and I’m pumped about it!  Would you believe that we have already sold and/or given away well over a thousand copies of THE STORY!  We are placing a new order this week and will have plenty of copies available this Sunday.  I love hearing stories of people who are buying extra copies and sharing them with friends along with an invite to join us on the journey.  Remember, THE STORY is not just to be experienced but also to be shared!

Exactly what is this 31 chapter book called THE STORY that we will study together?  It is an abridged format of the Bible laid out more like a novel along a time line.  It tells the message of the Bible in one seamless, continuous story from Genesis to Revelation.  90% of THE STORY is the NIV version of the Bible and then there are some summary sections in italics that help with transitions.

For example, the first chapter in THE STORY is about creation and it takes only 12 pages to cover the first nine chapters of Genesis.  Simply stated, THE STORY is an abridged version of the Bible with summary sections in italics.  It is easily readable and will help you experience the living God who acts, speaks, listens, loves and redeems.  You can only discover your own story as you understand the significance of THE STORY in your life.

If you already have a copy of THE STORY, read pages 1-12 in preparation for this Sunday.

Honored to serve with you,  Ronnie

2 responses to Super Sunday Reflections and THE STORY


    Ronnie thanks for your note. Not being a Duck Dynasty-watcher, I was not sure I would be interested in hearing Alan. Boy was I wrong. What a great message. Thanks for having him.



    Randy: I’ve heard that same response many times since yesterday morning. Folks were only semi-aware of the Duck Dynasty phenomenon and weren’t really watchers. But watcher or no, Alan Robertson is an engaging, warm guy with a compelling message. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Looking forward to traveling to Israel and Greece together!

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