Super Sunday Bring A Friend Day – I Love It!

January 31, 2014 — Leave a comment



Hello Everyone:

I have four succinct but important points to highlight in this enote and post.

First, this Sunday is Bring A Friend Day with Alan Robertson of A & E’s Duck Dynasty and I am so looking forward to this day. Alan Robertson is a very gifted speaker and Bible teacher who currently serves as an elder in his home church in West Monroe, LA.  He works full-time in the family Duck Commander and Buck Commander business.  Though Alan will not be available for photos and signings, he is pumped about being with us and bringing this Sunday’s message.

Second, remember the ultimate aim and purpose of our annual Super Sunday Bring A Friend Day.  Let’s use this day to highlight Jesus Christ and draw those who may be distanced from him to take a step closer. For nearly 29 years we have opened our doors to many who come to learn the teachings of Jesus and seek peace with God. Continue to get the word out personally and socially about Bring A Friend Day.  One option is to visit and send a virtual invitation.

Third, please note that we have additional parking available at the Sugar Land Surgical Hospital (easy & free shuttle service to/from) or in the grass on the North side of the building.

Fourth, the turnaround time between two full services this Sunday will be brief and so let me encourage those of you who attend the first service to, how shall I say this, be quick to make room for the second service crowd. Since we do not have classes or groups this weekend, if you attend first service then this Sunday could be an ideal day to go to brunch with some fellow group members.

Hope to see you for a Super Sunday together,


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