Kiss Approval Addiction Good-bye

January 15, 2014 — 1 Comment


Hello Everyone:

Only narcissists and sociopaths do not care about pleasing other people, at least at some level.  Every emotionally healthy person would prefer to have relationships that are peaceful and mutually beneficial.

But have you ever known people-pleasing to become an idol?  Are you a people pleaser to a fault?  When the voices of people drown out, crowd out and shut down the voice of God, we have chosen to embrace the approval of others as a functional god in our lives.

People-pleasing as a vice can infect individuals and it can even infect the DNA of an entire church where we are too concerned with approval ratings.  Ultimately, we live for an audience of ONE.  When the approval of people is big and the approval of God is small, life is unbalanced in a major way.

So, how can we magnify the voice of God in our lives and kiss people pleasing, approval addiction good-bye?  That’s the message in UPLIFT tonight as we continue our You Really Push My Buttons series.  I’m speaking tonight about approval addiction and I really, really, really hope you’ll like it.


One response to Kiss Approval Addiction Good-bye

  1. January 15, 2014 at 5:59 pm


    I wish oh wish I could be there tonight! Your series is just what I need. I’m a huge people pleaser and struggle with saying no. I missed last week due to moving my oldest to Nashville. And I have to miss tonight because we just moved my second one to Sam Houston. Exhausted! Is this video taped or on podcast?

    Sorry I’m missing it.



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