Soup’s On

January 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

Small group ministries can accomplish so many good things on many different levels.  Sometimes it’s good just to hang out, relax and laugh with a small group of fellow believers who have known one another for awhile and who share a common love.

Such was the case when Martha and I hosted our First Family this past Sunday.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Seldom do we meet when everyone can be there and so we were missing a few but we still had a house full. Everyone brings something to the table and it’s always good.

The menu on Sunday was soup and we had four types:  vegetable barley; corn chowder; chicken noodle; and frito chili pie.  Add to that some bread, cornbread, and several desserts and you have a fine after-church meal. I can personally attest to the outrageous goodness of each soup.  Since I was a host, I felt obligated of course.

Martha and I both enjoy multiple small group experiences in our church.  Our First Family is one of those good gifts.

Here are a few photos from a really good day together with our First Family …







One response to Soup’s On


    Looks good Ronnie and Martha…looking forward to our next visit. Owen

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