Wednesday Enote and Irregular People

January 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

2011-11-14-a-Difficult-PeopleHello Everyone: 

Are there certain people who just get under your skin, pull your strings and push your buttons?  Well, that’s the topic in our UPLIFT series over the next few weeks as we talk about how to handle people who really push our buttons in ways where we feel manipulated or worse.

Let me be clear:  it’s important that you care about people.  It’s important that you be willing at times to care more than you think you should care and bear more than you think is reasonable.  That’s called forbearance and it’s a quality highly exalted in Scripture.  Jesus calls us to a Kingdom ecology full of turned cheeks and extra miles.

It’s also important to understand we are all difficult people in God’s eyes and in the eyes of certain other people.  I get this and I concur that other people may find me to be the difficult one at times.

But it’s also true that you can care for others too much and by that I mean you can care for others in ways that are not good for you and not good for them.  It’s very possible that you may confuse loving with rescuing and that’s not beneficial at all when rescuing becomes standard operating procedure.

In tonight’s UPLIFT service, we start with an overall look at the two kinds of people who attempt to push your buttons and the three skills you can embrace that will provide immediate help.  Tonight’s message is: Irregular People & Property Lines.

Hope to see many of you tonight for UPLIFT.  — Ronnie

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