My Weekend Church Enote

October 19, 2013 — 2 Comments

Hello Everyone:

I’ve got just a few notes for you today with a couple of heads up items.

First, this Sunday’s message is titled A Timely Call and it’s based on the intriguing drama from the life of Queen Esther who, by the hand and providence of God, was called by God for “just such a time as this.”  The Jewish feast of Purim retells the story of Esther annually.  Why don’t you read the story yourself in advance of this Sunday and reflect on a couple of really important questions: why was I born and why was I born again?  In other words, at this season in my life how might God want me to serve Him?  Esther took a risk to make a difference in her time.  We can do the same in ours.

Second, I’m so pleased that next year our church will embrace The Story beginning on Sunday, February 9. The Story is a unique book.  Written by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, it takes different books and parts of the Bible and weaves them together chronologically on a timeline, so you’re actually reading scripture as a sweeping story.  It’s a 31 week journey.  We also have resources for children and students of every age level allowing us to walk through The Story together as a church in worship services, classes and groups.  We want to experience The Story and we want to share The Story. The Bible says faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The more people get exposed to the story of God’s Word, the more people will come to faith.

Third, I’ve really enjoyed a couple of breakfast opportunities this past week.  On Wednesday, I got to pray over the Dads and Donuts crowd from Cornerstone Christian Academy. Lots of Dads, lots of donuts and lots of good energy were in the room.  This morning I spent a little time with and prayed over the Moms Next Ministry that meets in our building a couple of times a month.  It’s a group of moms whose children are at CCA.  My wife Martha serves as one of the mentors for the group (and really enjoys it).  It’s a stellar assembly of moms several of whom are First Colony members.  All totaled, 24 area churches are represented in that group.

Fourth, I’m looking forward to seeing several of you this Sunday for our New Member Info Session.  Ryan Bien and I will see you at 9:45 in Room F100 (next to the Bookstore & main entrance).

Fifth, for those of you interested in the Israel trip I’m pleased to say that Martha was able to secure a few extra rooms.  However, only two rooms remain so if you are interested please contact us soon.  I’m already looking forward to experiencing Israel with many of you.

And sixth, remember to bring some candy this Sunday to help resource the Pumpkin Patch Party next Friday night, October 25. You can also volunteer to serve.  The PPP is a really easy invite so pass the word along.  Check out our website for full info.

Make it a great weekend.  Hope to see you Sunday,



2 responses to My Weekend Church Enote



    Israel has always been a dream of mine,

    Bea Moore


    This afternoon I was thinking about your message and thought of a phrase you often hear regarding calling. “He/she missed his/her calling.” This is usually said in humorous way when someone starts singing or doing something that someone else thinks is out of the ordinary. Of course the opposite is “don’t quit your day job.” I began to think about this and what a tragedy it would be to “miss your calling.”

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