My Friday Enote 4/19/13

April 19, 2013 — Leave a comment


Hello Everyone:

I used to chuckle when people would tell me that they were from West, Texas. Why? Because I assumed they were referring to the region of west Texas and not the specific town of West, Texas.

But I’m not chuckling now.  To the contrary, I’m praying over the small town of West in the aftermath of the fertilizer plant explosion Wednesday night.  As of today, 12 people are confirmed dead and 60 more are still missing.  Several have lost their homes.

We authorized today from our general church fund a financial donation to the Church of Christ Disaster Assistance Ministry.  This donation will go towards helping the West, Texas community recover.  Should you desire to make an additional donation, you can donate online at or make check payable to and mail to Disaster Assistance Mission, 402 Center Way St., Lake Jackson, TX 77566.

Let’s also keep the citizens and the law officers of Boston in our prayers.  It’s been a dark week there and it’s not over.

This Sunday’s message in our BIZNESS series will address Those Crazy Co-workers – something you probably can’t relate to at all.  But for some, dealing with mean and demeaning people is a regular and unavoidable part of their workplace assignment.  How can we protect ourselves, at least a little, from bullies, crazies and poisonous people?  That’s this Sunday’s topic and I hope to see you here.

I’m looking forward to a little “dinner on the grounds” with some of our young adults this Sunday.  Should be fun.  Enjoy your weekend.


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