My Friday Enote – Taking Care of Business

April 5, 2013 — Leave a comment


Hello Everyone:

I hope you are enjoying this fantastic Friday afternoon.

We had an incredible Easter Sunday together last weekend and I’m grateful for our many volunteers who made everything run so efficiently, providing a welcoming, positive First Colony experience for everyone.  I’m praying that many of our guests will return this week so be on the lookout for anyone who has that “I’m still new here” look in their eyes.

This Sunday we’re starting a new message series called BIZNESS – Adding Value and Purpose to Your Work.  I realize that for many people the expression “glorifying God” sounds like it just belongs in church and involves things like worship, singing, and giving.  But business, not just ways business can contribute to the work of the church, but the aspects of business activity such as ownership, productivity, employment, buying and selling, and making a profit—all of these in and of themselves reflect the very nature of God and are intrinsically good. 

We have an instinctive drive to work and be productive—to invent, earn, save, produce — to do the thousands of specific activities that fill our days because we are created in the image of God, which means God created us to be more like him than anything else.  He has given to us the “creation mandate” to manage the earth and its resources – to create wealth if you will.  And for those whose work is “volunteer” you are engaged in the nobility of service and, though you may not receive a paycheck and W-2, you still add value to your circle of influence. 

Our work matters – it matters to God – and in God’s world, business, large and small, done right, is a blessing.  Hope to see you Sunday.



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