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March 5, 2013 — 1 Comment


Did you watch the premiere episodes of The Bible miniseries this past Sunday night?  It was the most watched TV show of the night drawing in over 13 million viewers.  By comparison, the most watched network TV show last Sunday night was 60 Minutes at 11.9 million viewers.

Executive producer Mark Burnett has said he made the special effects-filled project to help tackle “Bible illiteracy” among young people. “In school, you have to know a certain amount of Shakespeare, but no Bible,” Burnett told the Christian Science Monitor. “So there’s got to be a way to look at it from a pure literature point of view. If it wasn’t for the Bible, arguably Shakespeare wouldn’t have written those stories.”

I hope you’ll watch The Bible miniseries airing every Sunday night during March, finishing on Easter night.  I also hope you will begin/continue to read your own Bible with an eager willingness to be shaped by what you encounter.  I have three specific suggestions for you:

  1. Read your Bible.  Don’t feel a need to race or “read the whole Bible in a year.”  God will use whatever time you give to reading Scripture.  I suggest starting with one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John).  Another great starting option is the succinct, six chapter book of Ephesians.  Need more reading plans?  Check out
  2. Reflect on what you read.  Ask God to nourish your mind and soul.  Additionally, I usually ask myself four simple questions:  1) what does this teach me about God?  2) What does this teach me about humanity, including myself?  3) Is there an example here that I should either imitate or avoid?  4) Is there a command here from God that I should obey?
  3. Respond to what you read.  The most important question to ask when you read the Bible is this one:  if I really believe this, what’s my next move?

The Bible is no ordinary book and you do yourself a favor when you take it up and read.

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    Read, reflect, respond!

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