Lords and Ladies

February 14, 2013 — 4 Comments


Many believe St. Valentine to have been a Christian martyr.  Legend says he died on February 14th, 269 AD, leaving a note to the jailer`s daughter, signed `From your Valentine`. Gradually, St. Valentine came to be known as the `patron saint of lovers`.

Every February flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Valentine`s Day is a very busy floral holiday. The most popular colors of flowers given on Valentine’s Day are red, white, and pink. Red symbolizes passion, white symbolizes purity, pink is a meeting point between the two.

Whether or not you exchange flowers today with your spouse, I do hope you will raise the bar of honor.  Whenever a judge walks into a courtroom, everyone stands out of respect and the judge is addressed as “your honor.”  I don’t know all the ways we can show honor to one another at home but this I’m sure of:  you know what honor looks like when you see it and you know what honor feels like when you experience it.

Martha and I have become fans of the award-winning PBS series Downton Abbey, a show set in England during the early 20th century.  It’s still a time of Lords and Ladies.  In fact, they refer to each other respectfully as “your lordship” and “your ladyship.”  Hokey?  Maybe.  Respectful?  For sure.  And whatever respect sounds like and feels like in your home in the 21st century, let it abound in spades.

Words of honor and appreciation are like verbal caresses and you can’t get too much of that.  Why don’t you consider adding the word “because” to the end of your affirmations?  “I really respect you because” – and then add something specific.  I love you because … I’m grateful to you because …

When we use our words to “win” then someone has to lose and when that someone is your spouse you gotta ask, “is this really worth it?”  But when you give attention to verbal caresses, you may be amazed at the kind of atmosphere that apt, respectful, honoring words can create.  God spoke and worlds were created.  Your words have creative power as well.

4 responses to Lords and Ladies


    Thank you Ronnie…because – Valentine’s Day was a life changing event for me and Mike way back in 1985 when we said, “I Do.” And our year got richer still when a young couple named the Normans (he was a dead ringer for Tom Hanks back then) relocated from Florida to the great state of Texas in answer to the call.
    Our world got *rocked in 1985 in more ways than one but both came under the heading of building our house upon the rock. Happy became our mantra and joy has been our church home ever since. So today I will celebrate both of the life altering events that God blessed me and my beloved with twenty-eight years ago!!!


    Tim and I love this show, and think our children should rise when we enter the room. Is that too much to ask??

    Thanks for your posts. I love reading them. 




    Thanks Amy! And, no, it’s not too much to ask for the children to rise when you enter the room. As to whether or not you’ll get cooperation, that’s another matter. I’m sure, however, that your downstairs staff will handle the matter superbly.


    Nancy: Two items – first, happy anny to you and Mike. You’re a fun and formidable team! Second, you mentioned “Hanks” but I always thought it was “Cruise.” Oh well.

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