Moving Forward After a Bad Decision

January 18, 2013 — Leave a comment


Hello Everyone:

Lance Armstrong is trying to move forward from a series of bad decisions and so far it’s not looking very promising.  He’s received plenty of coaching on exactly how to wade through the damage control stage but it remains to be seen how he will be accepted by the public that once placed him on such a pedestal.

We have all made bad decisions – some minor and some major.  I know I have. Tony Evans once said in his inimitable way that “sometimes you have to hit rock bottom so that you will discover that Christ is the Rock at the bottom.”  In other words, stop worrying about perception, image and damage control and turn 110% to Christ for cleansing, restoration and renewal.

This Sunday I want us to think about placing our regrets in the past tense with intentionality; embracing the grace of God; and moving toward the kind of future vision that galvanizes us.  Bad decisions cannot always be undone or reversed, but they can be faced and redeemed.

It’s been said that what we cover, God will uncover. Our sins will– and do — find us out. Whether in this life or in judgment, God will expose us.  But for those in Christ there is good news. For what we uncover, God will cover.

God is still surprising us with the extent of His forgiveness and His restorative powers.  We all have a past with both stars and scars.  The poster boy for making the best after a really bad decision is King David and it will be his testimony that serves as the foundation for this Sunday’s message.  It’s quite a story and one that reminds all of us that our God doesn’t just show mercy with a miser’s touch, but He delights in showing mercy in abundance.  What you may wish you could forget, God will choose not to remember so that together you can walk into a new day.

So, wherever you are today, view your current situation as the next step of growth for you.  God can make a way to the extent that you invite Him to do so.

— Ronnie

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