My Church Enote This Weekend

January 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year:

I hope you’ll plan to be with us Sunday for the first worship gatherings of 2013.  We like to call it Happy Renew Year Sunday because there is nothing wrong and plenty right with looking ahead to what God is doing all around us.  I believe God has new things He wants to do in your life in the coming days. Let’s not despair by dwelling on what cannot be changed, but let’s take hold of God’s redeeming and renewing grace for a new, fresh day. It’s time to face forward.

Joe Beam will help us kick off the New Year this Sunday.  Joe is a good friend and he is one of the most gifted public communicators I’ve ever heard.  And when you combine his giftedness with a solid message of Christ-centered hope, you have a powerful combo. Invite a friend to kick off the New Year with you at First Colony. Joe will speak in both services and to a combined adult class in the Worship Center during Sunday School.

I hope you will already be planning and praying about Super Sunday Bring A Friend Dayscheduled for February 3.  Hopefully, our Texans will be playing in the Super Bowl that evening but on Super Bowl morning we will welcome best-selling author Lee Strobel as our Bring A Friend Day guest speaker.  Lee will speak about his journey from atheist to believer. Lee was an award-winning journalist before his days as an award-winning Christian author (two of his best known books are Case for Faith and Case for Christ).

In closing, I want to express appreciation for your faithful generosity to our church family in 2012. You gave $3,840,436 that is $554,436 over our budget. Let me tell you why this is significant.  It shows that as a church we understand we give to God as we have been blessed and not to a church budget.  A budget is simply a fiscally responsible way to manage the sacrificial gifts of God’s people, but it is not the object of our giving.  Bottom line:  your gifts will be put to good use and I commend you for your excellence in giving that helps us keep right on doing what we have always tried to do:  worship God, nurture souls and be a community of belonging.  Thank you again.

All the best,




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