Does It Pay to Serve God?

December 5, 2012 — Leave a comment


Happy Wednesday Everyone:

Does it pay to serve God with excellence?  Is it really advantageous, profitable and personally beneficial to serve God with enthusiasm, sacrifice and excellence over the long haul? 

Martha and I chose our cars (VW Jetta and Toyota Camry) because they made sense for us. They were to our advantage and, practically speaking, were wise choices for us when we weighed several factors. 

Is it a wise choice to serve God with full-throttle devotion or is it a waste of time, energy and money?  I know the correct Sunday School answer but if you are really honest perhaps there have been times when you whispered to yourself: “is this really worth the energy and sacrifice? I see plenty of people around me not breaking a spiritual sweat and their lives seem pretty sweet. God must be a paper tiger.” 

Tonight in our UPLIFT service we conclude our look at the prophet Malachi’s message to the people of God – a message designed to reboot the standards of excellence and enthusiasm among God’s people. In Malachi’s day, there was a vocal group who, though they claimed to be God-fearing, mocked God and discouraged others by saying, “It is a waste of time to serve our God with high energy. What do we profit by keeping his commandments? Nothing. We profit nothing by keeping his commandments.  Arrogant, ungodly people around us are happy and blessed. It just doesn’t pay to break a sweat when you honor God.  There’s no real, tangible advantage to high energy service.” 

First of all, God was paying attention to these slanderous statements and He relayed a colorful, vivid and memorable message through Malachi.  What was the message?  That’s what we’ll talk about tonight under the title “Slippery Rocks and Final Calls.”  We’ll ask the same question people have asked for years:  does it pay to serve God with excellence? 

Hope to see you in our UPLIFT service at 7:00 in the East Room.

Blessings, Ronnie

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