My Friday Enote to the Church

October 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Hello Everyone:

Let’s all start with A.B.C.  Do you know what A.B.C. stands for this weekend?  It stands for this:  All Bring Candy.

Next Friday night, October 26, is the Pumpkin Patch Party and Jim Howard’s team is orchestrating a top-notch outreach event that will be fun for the whole church and fun for the whole community.  Just this week, 10,000 mailers went out promoting the PPP.

For the Pumpkin Patch Party to really work, it will take a lot of us volunteering during the preparation phase and/or delivery phase.  Here’s where A.B.C. comes in.  This Sunday, would you bring a bag or bags of candy to church with you and drop them in the designated green bins?  That would be a huge help in making this outreach event thrive.  Thanks in advance.  A.B.C.

Want more info on what it’s all about or how to volunteer?

Hope to see you this Sunday as we start walking through another fascinating section of scripture from 1 Corinthians 14.  We’ll dive right in to a discussion of tongues (as in “speaking in tongues”) and prophecy.  Should be interesting.

Enjoy this fabulous weekend.  I’m so glad to live in Fort Bend County and serve the Lord with you. 



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