Birthday Party for Mary Beth

August 15, 2012 — 2 Comments

Last night we had a fun & tasty family dinner and birthday party for our daughter Mary Beth’s 29th (yikes!) birthday. For the menu, we had a three cheese appetizer (smoked gouda, brie, and something else) with honey & a fig glaze.  Don’t ask me why, how, etc.  I just eat it and enjoy.  Because family members arrive at various times, Martha likes to have something easy out to enjoy as an appetizer.

Our main menu consisted of steaks, truffle pasta, salad, and bread.  For dessert, Martha made a strawberry cake which was fantastic. Martha got the recipe from Helen Koonce and it was a winner!  Mary Beth loves pink and all things strawberry. When MB was a little girl, my Mom would make Mary Beth strawberry cakes for her birthday and so this was a nice little throwback. 

Bottom line, we had a fun, relaxed evening celebrating one of God’s good gifts to our family. Here are a few family pics:

2 responses to Birthday Party for Mary Beth


    Love these photos of your sweet Mary Beth and her little loves! What a precious daughter you have!


    Yea, and you remember her way back in the day!

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