My Friday Church E-note

July 6, 2012 — 1 Comment

Hello Everyone: 

If you want to make a Christian feel really guilty, all you have to do is talk about prayer or marriage.  I mean, for real, how many of us feel like we pray with enough (pick your adverb now – boldly; clearly; faithfully; intercessionally; consistently, humbly; persistently, etc.); or are as good a marriage mate as we could be?  Confession time:  I could pray more and I could be a better husband.  But the target of “better” is quite nebulous and I don’t do nebulous well.

Here’s the good news:  Jesus calls us to be the very best we can be and yet loves us when we fail and loves us when we are still in process of moving forward.  Confession time once more:  I want to be an excellent Christian but I still fail along the way and I am still in process.  When will I ever arrive?

This Sunday, I plan to talk about marriage and divorce from our Sex, Singleness & Marriage series (from First Corinthians chapter seven) .  I’m not talking about this because I think you should feel guilty and you need a heavy dose of “oughtas.”  To the contrary, my aim is to help your marriage and to help you personally.  This Sunday’s message won’t always be fun to hear for obvious reasons but it is a message that is needed in so many practical ways.  You need this and I do too.  God calls us to the ideal and loves us when real life events don’t always measure up.  Therefore, there is always a “what’s next” question available.

And so here’s even more good news:  whatever has happened in your past can be redeemed.  You have a next step and I’m asking if you are willing to take that next step in God’s direction?

By the way, do you know we have a DivorceCare group that meets every Sunday morning at 9:45 in Conference Room A (located upstairs by the offices)?  For more info, contact John at 281.804.3239.

Hope to see you Sunday.  Blessings always, Ronnie

One response to My Friday Church E-note


    Fantastic message today! “Men – let Jesus be your masculine hero.” That line really connected with me.

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