Deeper Than That

May 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

The story is told that Fridtjof Nansen, the great Norwegian explorer (and Nobel Peace Prize recipient), went north to fathom the depths of theArctic Ocean.  After he found the place he was going to test the depths, he lowered his first line.  It didn’t reach bottom.  In his log book he wrote, “Deeper than that.” 

The next morning he dropped his second line.  It didn’t touch bottom either.  In his log book he wrote, “Deeper than that.”  He continued with all of his lines and he couldn’t find a line that would touch the bottom of this vast ocean.  After each attempt he would write in his log book, “Deeper than that.” 

Finally, he decided that he would tie all the lines together and attempt to plumb the depths of this ocean.  When he had tied them and let them all drop, they still didn’t reach the bottom.  He wrote in his log book, “EVEN DEEPER THAN THAT!” 

The full reality of God’s majestic presence among us is deeper and grander than we can even imagine.  In tonight’s UPLIFT service, we’ll touch on Moses’ request (Exodus 33) for God to “show me your glory” – a request that God partially and graciously granted.

Do you want to experience more of God?  Does God need to become real to you again? Have you been drawing near to God?  Is He important to you?

The good news of the gospel is we don’t have to pretend or be defensive.  We are loved by a great and gracious God who promises that when we “draw near to Him He will draw near to us.”    

A season of renewal cannot be manufactured – there’s no magic pill or kit to buy.  We cannot manipulate the move of God but we can set our sails to catch the blowing wind of the Holy Spirit.  Are you thirsty for more of God than you have been experiencing lately?  Do you hunger for the presence of God in your life? God will show up in increasing measures when we intentionally and intensely draw near.  Renewal doesn’t fall upon casual discipleship but when we humble ourselves before Him to the very last points of resistance, you can expect conviction and renewal from the inside out.

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