Stir Like an Eagle

May 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

“Eagles have the ability to make things happen and stir things up in a positive way.”   — Bob Biehl

Reliable leadership is essential for success in any organization.  Leadership involves influence but it is more than influence.  Leadership may involve some sort of a title but it is certainly much more than a title.  Spiritual Leadership may be defined as the art of mobilizing and energizing believers to act on the priorities of the church.

Citizen Soldier, a best-seller from Stephen Ambrose, chronicles WW 2 from D-Day plus one through the liberation of Europe.  The gist of his book is that the war was won, not because of Generals like Eisenhower and Patton, but because of leadership at the mezzo and micro levels.  Ambrose asserted the U.S. Army had better Captains, better Lieutenants, better Sergeants, better platoon leaders than the enemy.  Granted, we had wonderful leadership at the general levels – but the war was won primarily as a result of high-caliber leadership at the mid-size and small group levels.

Likewise, healthy churches are built upon leadership at all levels and on many fronts.  Healthy churches are built on pillar people who energize small groups and mid-sized groups to act on the priorities of the church in worship, instruction, service, and outreach.   Like the WW 2 platoon leaders Ambrose highlighted in his book, these pillar people are weight-bearing leaders whose dependability and loyalty are invaluable.   Without reliable leaders in mid-size and small groups, it’s only a matter of time before a ministry weakens.

Are you growing as a leader?  Are you influencing for good your small and/or mid-size group?  Are you the kind of person who accepts a measure of responsibility and stirs things up in a positive way?

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