Overcome With Good

May 9, 2012 — 4 Comments

Many of us would really like for God to go ahead and flex His muscles now, today, immediately.  God, don’t wait.  Don’t hold back.  Lord, show us what you’ve got and set things right. God, why not just go ahead and flex your muscles today?  One of the common laments in the Psalms is this one:  how long, oh Lord, must we wait for justice and vindication? 

But Jesus has two words for us:  not yet.  It’s not harvest time yet, but God does have His harvest time.

For the time being, the kingdom of God shares a stage with the kingdom of darkness and although the days of darkness are numbered, for a time Satan has a frustrating and painful presence among us.  One of Jesus’ parables, the story of the Wheat and Weeds (found only in Matthew – it’s in chapter 13), speaks to this reality. In this parable Jesus underscores that indeed the Kingdom of God is here (wheat) but evil is also here (weeds) sharing the same field. 

I’m sure the servants in that parable were thinking, “wouldn’t it be better for the wheat if we just removed all of those pesky weeds?”  But the Master says, “No, not yet.” Jesus wants us to hear that God’s way of dealing with the evil in the world may not be immediate but it is certain and it will be final.  Up until “the day of harvest”, God is patiently waiting for more and more “weeds” to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9, 10).

In the meantime, we accept the fact that we live in a world where weeds and wheat coexist in the same field.  We do not live in a world characterized by the absence of evil.  But we do live in a world characterized by the presence of good, by the presence of righteousness and by the presence of God himself who is more than able to offset and renew what the enemy contaminates. 

And here’s an admonition for you:  don’t allow yourself to give in to despair and despondency because you see weeds in God’s world.  Yes there are weeds in this world until harvest time, but there is also the presence of wheat.  Open your eyes and rejoice in the work of God locally and globally. Our world is not characterized by the complete absence of evil but by the presence of God’s goodness.

You are wheat. You are part of the eternal Kingdom of God. God’s seed of eternal life lives within you and the work of the Holy Spirit is all around you.  I exhort you to not be overwhelmed and discouraged by the presence of weeds, but to partner with God and go on the offensive with the presence of good.

4 responses to Overcome With Good


    Excellent. You never fail in giving me something to share. I am surrounded by friends, good, steadfast friends, and we love sharing. Many times what we share are the words of others
    we love and respect. Thanks for your contribution today.


    Thanks so much Barbara! By the way, Martha and I sure enjoyed some travel time with Preston and Ann.


    Spreadin’ the word via Facebook!


    Thx Keith! One of these days I need to become a FaceBooker myself.

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