Wish You Were Me?

April 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

No, I’m sure you don’t wish you were me because I know you are glad to be you!  But I do get to do some very cool things, attend some really encouraging gatherings and hang around some wonderful people in the course of my ministry. 

My favorite group, of course, is my own family and with four grandkids (and another on the way) every family gathering is high energy.  It’s hard to have a finer moment than driving in the driveway, like I did yesterday after church, and hearing the grandkids yelling, “Pops is home, Pops is home.”  That makes a good day even better.

Here are some photos of some random and very rewarding events over the last few days.  These photos include a Sunday lunch with the fam (featuring newby Ruby), a BELIEVE rehearsal, a Hope for Haiti’s Children breakfast, a First Family lunch, a men’s group and a missions dinner with Theron and Sarah Hutton. 

All of these gatherings were rewarding gigs if I do say so myself.  There is nothing better than to be happy and busy in the Lord’s work.  OK, here are the action shots …

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