What Is It?

March 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

Occasionally I’m told that I grumble and complain.  But I beg to differ.  There’s not a complaining bone in my body.  I simply see alternatives, articulate options, voice suggestions, lament that things are the way they are and wonder aloud why others (even God!) can’t see what I’m clearly seeing from my vantage point.

The Israelites were world-class complainers and, quite frankly, they often faced legitimate difficulties that warranted concern and prayer.  But there is a difference between asking of God and accusing God, walking in faith or walking in suspicion.  Tonight in our UPLIFT service we’ll get introduced to the first of the Israelites “grumbling” sessions and find that God was incredibly patient and gracious. 

When the Israelites were thirsty and disappointed because the drinking water was bitter, God sweetened the pot.  When the people were hungry and helpless, God created the original wonder bread with the manna miracle – a miraculous provision that lasted forty years.  The word manna means “what is it” because that’s what the people said when manna appeared from heaven – what is it? 

The manna miracle was God’s way of not only providing for His people for also for training them to not be a complaining, grumbling, and never-satisfied bunch of ex-slaves.  For if they were not satisfied with the manna, then their only alternative was to become a grumbling, murmuring, unhappy, complaining, and dissatisfied lot rather than a group of people who are learning to trust and be grateful for God’s provision as of today.

And so in tonight’s service, we’ll take a look at the manna miracle and also at the claim Jesus made (John 6) that he is the new Wonder Bread, the new Manna Miracle who has come down from heaven to satisfy our deepest and ultimate needs.  Our God is so very good.  He’s been good to you in the past and that awareness becomes a platform of hope as you walk into your future.

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