One More Night With The Frogs

February 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

“One More Night with the Frogs” has to be one of the all-time great sermon titles.   It’s been around for many years and if I were to even try to give credit (or blame) for the title I would surely miss the mark. 

The sermon title is based on Plague #2 of the Ten Plagues that God sent upon Pharaoh and the “gods of Egypt” (Exodus 12) in response to their oppression of God’s people.  In tonight’s UPLIFT message, I plan to walk through the story and significance of the first nine plagues because it is a story that God wants us to notice and notice well.  He displays His unmatched glory through these episodes.

God, through Moses, had said repeatedly, “Let my people go” to which Pharaoh has replied, “who is the Lord, that I should obey him?”  And so God will send a total of ten judgments, ten plagues that are direct attacks on Egypt’s little “g” gods and they are also warning signs designed to soften hard hearts (note to self:  I don’t ever want to be the proud owner of a hard heart). 

The first nine plagues arrive symmetrically in three groups of three, three triads with a distinct sense of order in that the first plague in each triad is forewarned “in the morning” while the last plague in each triad comes with no warning at all.  And these plagues were not natural occurrences or lucky coincidences for Moses and the gang.

You can see the divine nature of the plagues through the element of prediction where Moses announces in advance what will occur.  There is also the element of discrimination in that from plague #4 onward Israel is exempt from the plagues as their effect actively stops at the Israel county line.  And there is also the intensification of the plagues in that what occurs goes way beyond any type of natural phenomena.  It’s one thing to have a few extra frogs in the backyard but it’s another thing entirely to have frogs in your Uggs, frogs in your golf bag, and frogs in your microwave. 

God is making Himself known through these warning signs we call the “Ten Plagues” and tonight we’ll see how God knows those people who are His and how He goes to bat for His own.  Never forget, if God is for us, who can stand against us?

Hope to see you tonight either in UPLIFT or in another of our many excellent Wednesday growth opportunities.

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