Schrock Haus and Ruby

February 20, 2012 — 1 Comment

Had pretty much a perfect day on Sunday starting with the usual 5:00 AM alarm.  Enjoyed a couple of hours at home thinking, reflecting, and praying over the day before getting to the church building around seven.  Typical Sunday morning. 

After church we had a First Family lunch at Gary and Ann Marie Schrock’s house (haus).  Since the Shrocks have a German heritage, yesterday was a German themed lunch (sort of).  We have a very enjoyable First Family (thanks Bill and Deborah!) and yesterday we added a new family to the mix, the Castigliones.  They are wonderful and Elvie is a nurse, which brings to five the total number of nurses in our FF.  The older I get, the more I’m drawn to groups like this.

After a long, relaxing lunch and First Family chat Martha and I stopped by for a quick visit to our three-week-old granddaughter Ruby.  Her two brothers are in Dallas with their other grandparents, so Ruby has about five days of undivided attention. She likes it. 

Martha and I got home around 4:00 PM and just enjoyed the evening together without any outside plans.  Later in the evening I built a fire in the outdoor fire-pit and we had a light dinner date night outside.  As usual, we both worked an hour or two getting a jump on the week so that Monday mornings aren’t “cold” and the work week has been prioritized as much as possible in a fluid environment.

Here are some photos of yesterday’s First Family and Ruby visit:

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