Super Sunday – Fuggedaboutit!

February 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

“Fuggedaboutit” is one of those words in mob lore that has an assortment of meanings.  It’s best said with a Brooklyn accent and it can mean anything – positive or negative.  It all depends on your tone of voice.

Fuggedaboutit can mean, “that’s terrible news, I’m so sorry.”  It can mean, “that’s hilarious, you’re kidding me!”  It can mean, “what a fantastic, wonderful experience!”  It can even mean, “forget about it.” 

But I use fuggedaboutit in the “what a fantastic, wonderful experience” sense to describe the day we shared together this past Sunday.  And so when you ask me, “how was Super Sunday Bring a Friend Day at FCCC”? I just may say with a smile, “fuggedaboutit!!” 

God was so good to us and honored every effort to serve Him that day.  I’m grateful for the way you prayed, served, invited and participated. 

Michael Franzese sure loved being with us.  He told me when all was said and done what a special group you are and how he felt such a unique “connect” with us all.  Michael’s story is a trophy story to God’s transforming grace and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie about his life. 

MIchael was articulate, passionate, genuine and he spoke with both depth and clarity.  And what a gracious and humble spirit he demonstrated – both publicly and privately.  Dealing with Michael behind the scenes was so easy.  He stayed and visited with people until the last person in line was satisfied.  He finally got away around 2:45.  By the way, his message will be available on our church podcast so tell your friends. 

And Super Sunday had a perfect finish (for me anyway) as the G-Men beat the Pats 21-17 in the Super Bowl.  Several game-changing plays occurred or almost occurred in the last several minutes.  Martha and I enjoyed the game at a party hosted by Ric and Michelle Morris and we had a delicious blast.

OK, so here are some photos from the day and, as always, just click on the photo to enlarge it. 

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