God Uses People Who Have a History

February 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Sure, we all have a history but some of us really, really have a history.

And our great God delights to take broken, flawed characters and use them to accomplish His purposes so that they might stand as a trophy of His amazing grace.  Your past doesn’t have to define you and your past doesn’t have to control today unless you allow it to do so. 

This Sunday, February 5, Michael Franzese will be our guest speaker for our Super Sunday Bring A Friend Day and Michael is a poster guy for the kind of turnaround stories that only God can bring about.  The hero of Michael’s story is Jesus and that message will come through loudly and clearly.

Who is Michael Franzese?  A one-time mobster who was once listed as one of the wealthiest (four places behind John Gotti) and whose dad is still the underboss of the Colombo crime family.  But now Michael Franzese is a follower of Jesus and the message he preaches doesn’t glamorize crime in any way.  To the contrary, he considers himself a man redeemed by the grace of God and chosen for a particular type of ministry.

Watch this ABC News video for an idea of the kind of story you will hear this Sunday.

The Michael Franzese Story — ABC News

God can override and overrule any failure from our past if we humble ourselves before Him and turn to Jesus.  You probably know someone who is wallowing in stucksville and they need a fresh dose of hope and a love nudge to get moving. I urge you to do what you can to get them here this Sunday because Michael’s story is a powerful testimony.  Go to our website and send them an evite or forward this message along.

God’s mercies are new every day and that means that today God can give us a new beginning.  Remember, there are two kinds of pain:  there’s the pain that comes from pursuing a fresh start and then there’s the pain that comes from resisting and staying the same.

Schedule for this Sunday:

8:30    Worship & Children’s Program (thru 5th grade)

11:00  Worship & Children’s Program (thru 5th grade)

  • Note:  no 9:45 classes this Sunday

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