Abundant Sunshine

January 28, 2012 — 11 Comments

Yesterday, Jan 27, 2012, was a day of abundant sunshine for our family as we welcomed our first granddaughter, Ruby Elizabeth Davis, into God’s world.  And, from my perspective, she’s absolutely perfect.  All six pounds, nine ounces of her. 

Earlier in the week Martha had noticed that the Weather Channel forecast for Friday the 27th was worded this way:  Abundant Sunshine.  And how right they were — at least from our grandparent vantage point.

All is well with mother & child and below you’ll find some play by play shots of an abundantly bright birth day for my granddaughter Ruby.

11 responses to Abundant Sunshine


    What a precious Ruby Elizabeth! Isn’t it fun when happiness fills the room! Am thankful for
    the events of the day and for your sharing it. Much love to all.
    Barbara Hill


    Barbara: thx so much! You sure have some fine grandchildren yourself. It’s a fun assignment.


    Nancy Calvert said: Ronnie, your granddaughter’s birth has me questioning scripture…can their be a price far above Ruby’s???


    Nancy: I think this little Ruby is priceless and I also have an idea that she may be quite expensive!


    Congratulations to everyone! Ruby is beautiful! Yes, expensive is the word, but oh, what fun. You called it Ronnie…grandparenting is a great assignment. OK if I post this on the prayer email?

    Lauren Mitchell January 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Congratulations on your new little girl. I know you and Martha are just beside yourselves with joy 🙂


    She’s beautiful! Congratulations!


    Patricia Drackert said: To her adorable bow lips to her adorable priceless self, she is such a rich blessing from God!!! I praise God for her and know that she will grow with His high favor blessing her and all her beloved. Ruby Elizabeth is as beautiful as her name. Ruby is a very very beautiful baby:) Congratulations!!!!!!


    Congratulations! Ruby is a beautiful addition!


    Grandparenting is a most joyful time of our lives and busy too. Just getting back to my desk after Audrey Elizabeth Bryan was born Jan. 26th. Audrey is looking forward to having a precious friend named Ruby! Love to all


    And Ruby is looking forward to having a wonderful friend named Audrey! Congrats to you and Don on another granddaughter!

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