Gather with Good People Around a Table …

January 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

I do believe that if you gather with good people around a table then good things will happen over time.  It will be a Holy Spirit inspired combustion.

And so that’s why I’m pumped about a new year-long Men’s Group that had our first meeting this morning.  It’s a really good group of guys and there are two things you may need to know about them:  1) I’ve never been in a group with any of these guys before; and 2) they are all younger than me – way younger than me. 

Martha and I hosted (she pretty much did everything – but I did make the coffee!) our group’s initial meeting this morning from 8:30 to 10:30.  She served a breakfast casserole, biscuits, and fresh fruit.  The dudes can eat and they can also put away some serious amounts of coffee.  My kind of guys. 

What do we do?  We go through a workbook called “Leadership Essentials” and I think it is an excellent workbook.  And we don’t get fancy or cutesy with it.  We read our chapters, answer the questions, and go over the material during our meeting.  Everybody is prepared (we even do memory verses – today was 1 Peter 1:14-19) and no one person is carrying the load.  It’s a team effort and I really like team efforts.  

How often do we meet?  This is where I’m doing something differently than with other groups I’ve met with over the years.  Rather than do a weekly meeting for 4-6 months or longer, we are doing a monthly meeting for the year.  We bring our calendars and plan our next meeting date and time one month prior.  Believe it or not, the pros in this line of work say this is the best model. 

What’s the purpose of this group?  Can’t totally say because I’m counting on God to surprise me!  But the obvious purposes are:  help these guys have a leadership vision for themselves and connect them to one another even more.  But God will have several serendipities along the way, I’m sure. 

What about you?  Are you getting around a table in a good way with a good group of people consistently?  If not, why don’t you initiate a group?  Looking for material?  I’m a big fan of these two workbooks:  Discipleship Essentials or Leadership Essentials.  They are even in our bookstore. 

Here are some photos of the morning … 



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