Weekend Photo Recap

January 16, 2012 — 2 Comments

Here’s a little photo reverse rewind of my weekend.  I’ll start with Sunday evening and rewind through to Saturday morning.  I’m sure you’ll find this photo recap to be riveting, to say the absolute least.

OK, so rather than caption every photo shown below, here’s an overview of what you’ll find in this spellbinding photo essay:

Sunday evening:  while at my office for a couple of hours getting a jump on some work for the week, I went downstairs and gave a listen to our Teen Praise Band as they rehearsed.  They are really, seriously good and it’s obvious they enjoy what they do.

Sunday afternoon:  spent most of it with our First Family at Rocky & Ginger Hudson’s house.  Had a wunderbar lunch and watched our beloved Texans come oh so close.

Sunday morning:  kicked off a new Sunday School class taught by Ed Goforth.  Ed did a masterful job and we have a really good base for this class.  If you’re not already in a class, we’d love to have you check out this one.  No ID’s necessary.  BTW, we do have food (thanks for yesterday Sean!) 

Saturday:  spent the morning at the church building helping out with the “work day.”  Got to hand it to our Facilities Leadership Team, they made it easy to volunteer and we had a fantastic turnout.  Did some good, too.  There were a couple of slackers in the group but I’ll not mention names.  That’s just the kind of person I am.

2 responses to Weekend Photo Recap


    Great recap! Love the lead guitarist and the cool chick on bass!



    Good job on the blog. I’ll be checking back frequently. Ed Goforth is one of my favorite teachers, still remember quotes from a mid-90s class he taught.

    John G

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