FCCC Staff Christmas Lunch

December 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was our church office staff Christmas lunch and we had a really good time together at Antonio’s (located where Sweet Mesquite used to be).  We were there by 11:30 and gone by a little after 1:00 (I had to leave a little early for a 1 pm conference call).  Most of my co-workers in my little corner had the salmon but I went for the classic (some would say boring) lasagna – but it was excellent. 

Here’s something you need to know:  good church staff members do not grow on trees.  Hirelings (little bang & little emotional buy-in for your buck) are a dime a dozen but those with a shepherd mindset (i.e., they really, really care about Jesus & his people) are more than worthy of their hire.  And our staff is full of those who really, really care.

It’s been said over the years in several forums that good staff members possess strong marks in these three C’s:

  1. Character:  they really love being a disciple of Jesus and they are “all in” for their ministry calling.  This means a person will expend upper limit energy in their roles.  They will be quality employees but also quality volunteers – just like every one else is asked to be.    
  2. Competence:  being “nice” is important but, bottom line, staff members are hired to do a job that requires a particular set of skills and an ever improving, ever expanding skill set.  
  3. Chemistry:  simply stated, this is a person who “fits” with the existing team and culture of the church. 

Now, when you look at the people who serve on our church staff, I see a team full of high character & high competence players who mesh well into a cohesive team.  I very much enjoy my co-workers and if you’re a part of our church family, I hope you will give these folks your maximum support, cooperation and gratitude.  They deserve it. 

Here are some photos from yesterday’s “office staff” Christmas lunch:

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