My Friday E-note & A Wild Bunch Photo

December 9, 2011 — 2 Comments

I stopped by the FCCC Senior Adults Game Day on Thursday. This group has a ton of fun & Debbie Williams makes sure of that!

Hey Everyone:

Hope your Friday is a good one.  I have three items to quickly highlight so hang with me ever so briefly.

First of all, a huge church-wide pat on the back and thank-you for the generous outpouring of food and toys you donated last Sunday in our Care & Share Food & Toy Drive.  Your generosity and hands-on work (over 100 volunteers last Sunday afternoon to help transport and sort @ Second Mile) are most appreciated.  

Secondly, this weekend is our annual Winter’s Eve Christmas program and you have two options (Saturday & Sunday evening at 7:00).  The program is a two-parter with a delicious intermission (you won’t leave hungry!).  The first part of the program is full of fantastic Christmas music and the second part is our annual Children’s Christmas Musical. 

And last of all I’d like to make a very big ASK of you and prompt you to consider a generous end of year financial gift to our church.  It’s the local church that week in and week out is the tangible Body of Christ in this world and our church continues to make such a consistent difference for Jesus in the six classic disciplines of balanced church ministry:  worship; discipleship; evangelism; prayer; fellowship; & service. 

All of us together, doing our part, make a huge difference in fueling the ministry of Christ’s church.  I realize that some of you are financially strapped or out of work – I don’t want you to feel any guilt or pressure.   In fact, our church is giving away in very purposeful ways a number of financial grace gifts at the end of the year. 

But if you are able, all of us would appreciate your prayerful consideration about a year end financial gift.  Any gift, large or small, makes a big difference and especially so as we aim to make 2012 a year of increasing impact locally and globally.  Jesus is the hope of the world but a healthy local church is the tangible expression of Christ’s balanced ministry.

God is doing great things all around the world, including here in your own church family, and I consider it an honor to be a part of this congregation with you!

Thanks & Merry Christmas,


2 responses to My Friday E-note & A Wild Bunch Photo


    SO happy that now you’ve joined the blogging world, and I can come up to you and tell you what a SCREAM your blog is! 🙂


    I have to say… I was absolutely in awe of the huge mass of donations on stage just in second service. FCCC is such a generous group. It’s amazing what God’s people can do together!

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