While GrandMartha is Away

December 6, 2011

TLMN (The Lovely Mrs. Norman) has been out of town (out of the country!) for the last week and so I’ve been making do with a little help from my daughter.  Mary Beth fed me a couple of nights last week and even before you ask “no I am not helpless” but neither am I kitchen savvy.  And so when she says, “Dad would you like to stop by this evening …” I don’t even let her finish the question before I say “yes!”  MB can really hold her own in the cooking department even when she does something quite simple (potato soup for example). 

Anyway, it was really fun having a little hangout time at MB’s with my two older grandsons.  Jackson and I played a little Wii (win some, lose some) and read some books while Ben is particularly enamored with iPad games.  Here are some photos of another exciting day in the life of Pops: